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You have an A+ company!

I’d like to share our positive experience with Kevin Scott and BedBug Chasers of Fairfield. Highly recommended. I contacted the company and Kevin returned my call within 2 minutes. He came over for an estimate, was there promptly at the said time, was extremely knowledgeable about the situation, did a thorough inspection of the premises, clearly explained the procedure and quoted a price at that time, which was very reasonable and way under what a competitor had quoted sight unseen for the same service. Kevin works with another company that uses a canine to help detect the presence and location of bed bugs. Days after the heat treatment, the canine does a follow up visit to confirm the success of the treatment.

Kevin and his team of men arrived first thing in the morning, as promised. They set up their equipment and monitored the heat readings in each room. They entered the house many times to flip furniture and clothing and bedding. They were courteous, professional and thorough. Late in the afternoon, they packed up and left us feeling completely confident that the infestation was over. As they say “One and Done”. I am so thankful that I chose BedBug Chasers of Fairfield. They gave me back the comforts of my home.

Cindy H, Wolcott, CT

Dear Kevin,
Thank you for you and your team’s highly effective heat treatment. From our initial phone conversation and then meeting, I found you genuinely sympathetic to my predicament, ever the professional, and timely. I appreciated that I did not get pushy sales efforts, just honest, plain facts that allowed me to make an informed decision. I felt confident that your business was, in fact, my very best option.
In preparing for the treatment, nothing had to be assumed or left to chance as you provided clear and concise instructions to follow/ prepare, and ensure the best possible results. As I was able to check in with you at my home during the day of the treatment, I was able to observe your team in action. They arrived promptly and were as discreet as possible. Peter had a ready and very acceptable explanation to provide for nosey neighbors: “doing a dry out”. Throughout the day, you, Peter, Palamin, and Eric worked tirelessly, making certain that all items in the targeted area were thoroughly heat soaked for maximum effectiveness. Every team member was respectful of personal belongings, courteous, and went above and beyond my expectations. Your team clearly demonstrated that they are hard working and competent in what they do, which gave me peace of mind and an end to my nightmare. One of the most amazing things was that even though you stopped the treatment around 3 pm, the heat in the walls lingered several hours later. It is reassuring to look at your documentation report and see the graph indicating the temperature reached and the duration. However, to actually be able to feel the heat coming from the walls was comforting proof. I would certainly recommend your service. My sincere thanks to you all.


I called Bed Bug Chasers to get a second estimate for heat treatment after I had been told by a different, unrelated company with a bed bug sniffing dog that I had bed bugs all over my house. Kevin promptly came to my home to give me an estimate. When I asked him how I could be sure that I truly had bed bugs before engaging in the treatment, he agreed that a second opinion would be prudent. He referred me to Billy Braun of NuAge Detection, who also has a bed bug-sniffing dog. To make a long story short, Billy’s inspection of our home turned up zero evidence of bed bugs. After several weeks of follow-up monitoring, it was confirmed that we did not actually have bed bugs in our home! The other company had completely scammed us, which evidently is not uncommon in this industry. I am so grateful that I found Bed Bug Chasers. They were ethical and honest and saved me and my family thousands of dollars in unnecessary treatments. This is not to be taken for granted. I cannot give a higher recommendation.


Thank you to the Bed Bug Chasers Team of Connecticut!

Never in my life did I ever think I would be the victim of bed bugs! Not only was I allergic to them, they wreaked havoc on my skin! I have had many sleepless nights over these bugs and I am not certain where or how they came to be, I am a VERY hygienic person. I will say I am incredibly pleased with the professionalism received by Kevin at Bed Bug Chasers. Not only was Kevin knowledgeable, professional and dependable, but the treatment was completed within one day using high heat of 122 degrees. I left for work at 7:45 am and entrusted Kevin and his staff with access in and out of my home, which took several hours. Throughout the day Kevin updated me with visuals, text messages and phone calls reassuring me everything was alright. Overall, I am incredibly pleased with the services provided by Bed Bug Chasers NYC. This process has been so much easier because of their amazing team!

Juliet M

Professional & Discrete Bed Bug Treatment, Thank you!

We just wanted to say thank you for making a difficult situation easier. You and your team are extremely professional and got the job done discretely and efficiently. This was definitely a stressful time for our family, and your team’s kind and special attentiveness to our kids rooms and belongings was very comforting. We would definitely recommend Kevin and his team to any of our family and friends in need of their services. Thank you.

Chris M

Bed Bug Chasers are the Best!

First of all, for anyone who has just found out they have a bed bug problem, skip to the chase and get the heat treatment. When we first found out that the bed bugs had traveled home with our son’s mattress from Brooklyn, we thought we could get rid of the mattress and that would be that. Instead, we were out a mattress and they traveled to two more rooms. By the time we’d set off insecticide bombs (the totally wrong thing to do!), gotten rid of an expensive mattress and box springs and had the detection dogs through 3 times, we had already spent what it would have cost to have the heat treatment done straight away.

By the time we reached exhaustion with the whole process, Bed Bug Chasers was recommended to us. One of the company’s owners, Kevin Scott, came over the same day we called for a consultation and he couldn’t have been nicer! He could have told us we needed to do the whole house and we would have agreed to anything. Instead, he absolutely calmed us down and assured us we only needed to do the upstairs and the laundry room. I knew right away we were dealing with someone fair and honest. Kevin spent a lot of time with us about the eradication process and answered all of our questions. As we prepared the house for the treatment (which amounts to moving stuff that will melt—nothing like what people go through with chemical treatments), I emailed Kevin constantly, mostly because I was a ball of nerves. He always responded immediately, fully, and with a sense of humor I really appreciated.

In terms of the treatment itself, the guys were incredibly discrete and professional and THOROUGH.  There must have been eight workers going in and out of our house all day,  making sure every book, article of clothing, nook, and cranny got to the necessary temperature. They even give you a room-by-room temperature report so you can see for yourself that the space was heated appropriately! It has been over six weeks and there is no evidence whatsoever of any more bed bugs.

Bottom line:  Bed bugs are the worst.  BED BUG CHASERS ARE THE BEST!

Kathryn, Homeowner

Kindness, Diligence, and Proficiency, Thank you!

We greatly appreciate the kindness, diligence, and proficiency of your entire crew. They went beyond the task at hand in assisting my folks, and we felt as though we had long-time friends helping us to eliminate our problem. Thank you very much.

Our best to everybody.

Cliff F., Homeowner

Thank You!

Bed Bug Chasers did a phenomenal job with our house.  They were professional, reliable, and treated our belongings like they were their own.  Great service and would highly recommend BBC for others.

Michael, Homeowner

Money well spent on the Bed Bug Heat Treatment!

On April 18th, Kevin and his crew arrived on time, performed the heat treatment and called me at 6:00pm to tell me they were done. They were professional, courteous, and on schedule.

Four days after the treatment Jill and her dog inspected the house and found it clean.

For my own piece of mind a few weeks later I had another independent pest control service inspect the house and they also found it bed bug free.

I originally initiated a chemical treatment but after more research I decided heat treatment was the only way I would have peace of mind.

It has been over 3 months since the treatment and I can say it was money well spent. I never thought attending a wedding and staying at a hotel would result in this scenario, but I can finally sleep well again.

An added bonus is that BedBug Chasers were more reasonable than the major well known chain I originally contacted for a heat treatment quote. I am glad I found Kevin.

Paul, Homeowner

Thank you to BedBug Chasers of Fairfield!

I was having a bad reaction to some bug bites and was seeing a dermatologist for 4 weeks. We finally realized we had was bed bugs after finding one on my bed.

We tried to address the problem with some store bought over the counter treatments. We had sprayed our bedroom and locked it up 3 weeks. Did a visual inspection and thought they were gone. Right..? wrong. The minute I slept on my bed, they were back and so was my rash.

Beaten up and not knowing what to do, we decided to call in a professional. Because we have kids, we wanted a “one time and safe solution” to eliminate the problem once and for all.

We came to know about BedBug Chasers of Fairfield. We called and interviewed Kevin. He was very professional, had an in-depth knowledge of the problem and he was very friendly, confident and willing to help. He reassured us that the BedBug Chasers solution involved no chemicals, just heat.

On the day of treatment, Kevin and his team arrived on time, and everything went smoothly without any glitches. He took care of the property well and eliminated our bed bug problem in one day!

Its been 3 weeks, and there are no signs of bed bugs or rashes. We are satisfied and highly recommend Kevin and BedBug Chasers of Fairfield. If you have bed bugs, this is your one stop shop!



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