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Dear Kevin,
Thank you for you and your team’s highly effective heat treatment. From our initial phone conversation and then meeting, I found you genuinely sympathetic to my predicament, ever the professional, and timely. I appreciated that I did not get pushy sales efforts, just honest, plain facts that allowed me to make an informed decision. I felt confident that your business was, in fact, my very best option.
In preparing for the treatment, nothing had to be assumed or left to chance as you provided clear and concise instructions to follow/ prepare, and ensure the best possible results. As I was able to check in with you at my home during the day of the treatment, I was able to observe your team in action. They arrived promptly and were as discreet as possible. Peter had a ready and very acceptable explanation to provide for nosey neighbors: “doing a dry out”. Throughout the day, you, Peter, Palamin, and Eric worked tirelessly, making certain that all items in the targeted area were thoroughly heat soaked for maximum effectiveness. Every team member was respectful of personal belongings, courteous, and went above and beyond my expectations. Your team clearly demonstrated that they are hard working and competent in what they do, which gave me peace of mind and an end to my nightmare. One of the most amazing things was that even though you stopped the treatment around 3 pm, the heat in the walls lingered several hours later. It is reassuring to look at your documentation report and see the graph indicating the temperature reached and the duration. However, to actually be able to feel the heat coming from the walls was comforting proof. I would certainly recommend your service. My sincere thanks to you all.

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