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First of all, for anyone who has just found out they have a bed bug problem, skip to the chase and get the heat treatment. When we first found out that the bed bugs had traveled home with our son’s mattress from Brooklyn, we thought we could get rid of the mattress and that would be that. Instead, we were out a mattress and they traveled to two more rooms. By the time we’d set off insecticide bombs (the totally wrong thing to do!), gotten rid of an expensive mattress and box springs and had the detection dogs through 3 times, we had already spent what it would have cost to have the heat treatment done straight away.

By the time we reached exhaustion with the whole process, Bed Bug Chasers was recommended to us. One of the company’s owners, Kevin Scott, came over the same day we called for a consultation and he couldn’t have been nicer! He could have told us we needed to do the whole house and we would have agreed to anything. Instead, he absolutely calmed us down and assured us we only needed to do the upstairs and the laundry room. I knew right away we were dealing with someone fair and honest. Kevin spent a lot of time with us about the eradication process and answered all of our questions. As we prepared the house for the treatment (which amounts to moving stuff that will melt—nothing like what people go through with chemical treatments), I emailed Kevin constantly, mostly because I was a ball of nerves. He always responded immediately, fully, and with a sense of humor I really appreciated.

In terms of the treatment itself, the guys were incredibly discrete and professional and THOROUGH.  There must have been eight workers going in and out of our house all day,  making sure every book, article of clothing, nook, and cranny got to the necessary temperature. They even give you a room-by-room temperature report so you can see for yourself that the space was heated appropriately! It has been over six weeks and there is no evidence whatsoever of any more bed bugs.

Bottom line:  Bed bugs are the worst.  BED BUG CHASERS ARE THE BEST!

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