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“Superior Engineering and Technology”

Our superior engineering and technology allow rooms to heat or “bake” much like that of a convection oven, which cook much more quickly and evenly than old-fashioned ovens. Convection is a combination of diffusion and the bulk motion of molecules. Near the surface of the object being heated (a sofa, mattress, clothes in a closet) the air velocity is low, and diffusion is how most heat is transferred, but deep inside that same object, the bulk motion is increasing. When heating an object, the density change in the outer most surface will cause the air to rise and be replaced by cooler air that again will heat and rise. Since the BedBug Chaser accelerates airflow on two axes simultaneously, it allows diffusion to occur at a much faster rate and creates a quicker density change on the surface of an object. More simply, the new design accelerates the convection process producing supercharged heating for the best bed bugs heat treatment!

“Ground-Breaking Heating Technology”

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