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Think you have Bed Bugs? The most effective bedbug detection method today is a highly trained Bed Bug Dog.

Looking for a Bed Bug Dog Inspection Service? You’ve heard of SAR (Search & Rescue), Bomb, Arson and Drug detection dogs. Now, man’s best friend is also a weapon in the war against bed bugs. Bedbugs are very small and like to hide in tight, dark places. Unlike humans that must rely upon visible inspections, Bedbug dogs use their nose which means they can identify all stages of bed bugs (adults, nymphs and eggs) whether they are hiding in a mattress, behind a wall or under a carpet. All places you would not be able to see them with the human eye!

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Every BedBug Chasers Bed Bug Dog Inspection and Dectection uses only NESDCA certified bedbug dogs so you can be sure that each dog and handler team has achieved the highest standard for scent detection. NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) was formed by Pest Control Professionals to ensure the highest standards for Entomology Scent Detection Canines are upheld. www.NESDCA.com

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In addition, all Bed Bug K9 Detection teams that are used by BedBug Chasers were trained by J & K Canine Academy, also known as Pepedogs.™ J & K Canine Academy is the only company in the world with a independent scientifically backed training program and their methods produce the most efficient and effective entomology scent detection canines in the industry.

A BedBug Chasers Bed Bug K9 Inspection will determine not only whether you have bed bugs, but it will pinpoint where the bed bugs are hiding. If bed bugs are discovered, then the bed bug extermination can be performed only in the areas that need to be done……producing fast results with less cost – the BedBug Chasers way!

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At BedBug Chasers we care about you, your business and your home, that’s why we’re your #1 bed bug exterminator NJ NYC CT PA . At BedBug Chasers 855-241-6435 we perfected the One Day Bed Bug Treatment, the most convenient and effective way to kill bed bugs with a 100% Guarantee.

When you hire BedBug Chasers to perform a Bed Bug Canine Inspection or perform bed bug control we are discreet and confidential. All of our vehicles are unmarked, which means no one needs to know about your bedbug concerns. At BedBug Chasers we do all kkinds of bed bug dog inspections from Airplanes and Yachts to Commercial Buildings!

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At BedBug Chasers, we pride ourselves on our quick response time and that includes Bed Bug Dog Inspections. We have 6 locations in the NJ, Southern NJ, Philly, NYC, ConnecticutWestchester County areas allowing us quick access to anywhere in the tri-state area. We provide our services in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

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