BedBug Chasers of Cedar Rapids

Eliminating Bed Bugs, Creating Peace of Mind

Bed Bugs are more than likely there if you think you have them.

I was in contact with bedbugs at another residence and I must have brought them home. It is true what they say anyone can get these evil bugs. I did allot of research and found Bedbug Chasers of Cedar Rapids. I spoke with Charles Jones on multipul occasions. At first we didnt know if we had bedbugs untill i seen 1 in my bed. I spoke with Charles Jones again he was able to get here within 3 days to treat my house. They were supposed to be here at 8 AM sharp they arrived at 7:40 ready to work. I had many questions before the treatment and Charles Jones was able to answer all of them. He took my calls at all hours of the day and night. Talk about peace of mind. Even after the treatment I had some worries and questions and Charles Jones was happy to answer them. I have heard horror storys about people heat treating with middle of the road heaters. Bedbug chasers use a specially designed heater in order to get the house about 140F and maintain that heat for the time needed. I am a paranoid person and I do not like bugs it is peace of mind knowing that they are gone. They also offer a warrenty incase there is a relapse within 60 days they are the only company that does this to my knowlege.

A simple word to someone who is infected. I have done hours of research on how to get rid of these horrible bugs. There is no way to get rid of them 100% without heat treatment. I need sleep and I know you do to so don’t wait Charles Jones will answer all your questions. If you think you might have bedbugs you most likely do, We went over 2 weeks without seeing one but they were there waiting……

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