Eliminating Bed Bugs, Creating Peace of Mind

Arizona’s Best 2016 Franchise Business to Buy – BedBug Chasers

Best Franchise Business 2016 Arizona to Buy - BedBug Chasers!

2016 should be the Year of the Bed Bug in Arizona!

Bed Bugs are no longer affected by commonly used insecticides according to a new study from the New Mexico State University and Virginia Tech. The pests are becoming increasingly tolerant to chemicals which used to kill them easily – BUT NOT the BEDBUG CHASERS method our heat keeps successfully KILLING Bed Bugs every day in Arizona! http://www.themonitordaily.com/bedbugs-are-no-longer-affected-by-commonly-used-insecticides/210668/v

Have you ever thought of owning a wildly successful Low Investment Business that helps your customers save their house, their health and restores their peace of mind?

Owning a BedBug Chasers low investment franchise in Arizona can make that happen! First Call BedBug Chasers at 855-241-6435 to see if franchises are available in Arizona?

Bed Bug infestations in Arizona are still growing at an epidemic rate, the Bed Bug industry is booming! Numerous Scientific Articles point to the fact Traditional Chemicals CAN NOT KILL BED BUGS. http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/news/20160128/bedbugs-biting-back-against-insecticide

The BedBug Chasers’ proven technology and Low Investment Franchise business model will help you write your own success story and make BedBug Chasers the Best Franchise Business 2016 in Arizona.

Did you know One in Five people know someone that has had bed Bugs?

As the alternative to traditional pest control services, the BedBug Chasers Low Investment Franchise has revolutionized the fight against Bed Bugs using GREEN, chemical-free convective heat to kill every bed bug, nymph and egg with a single treatment. Owning a BedBug Chasers low investment franchise can turn your customer’s nightmare into your “ business dream come true”.

BedBug Chasers Bed Bug Treatment Benefits:

There are many other Bed Bug control methods such as steam, freezing, gas, and chemicals that you could choose to get rid of Bed Bugs in Arizona, but there is only ONE reason to choose BedBug Chasers over anyone else – IT WORKS!

BedBug Chasers are the Original “ ONE & DONE” bed big treatment company – WE INVENTED our BED BUG HEATERS and PERFECTED our BED BUG HEAT Treatment Process .... But BedBug Chasers’ Bed Bug dry heat method has other key benefits like:

  • There’s no need to remove your personal belongings
  • You can return to your home immediately following treatment
  • There’s no need to wash your clothing, linens, and bedding after the treatment
  • There’s no dangerous chemicals or residues used
  • All stages of bed Bugs will be killed, unlike many other pest control treatments
  • Everything will be treated, clothing, linens, furniture, walls, and mattresses included
  • It will kill many other insects in your home

Arizona, the Bed Bugs are Spreading Fast!

Bed Bugs can be found in a huge variety of places. It only takes one Bed Bug to become a large infestation if left untreated. For example; one pregnant Bed Bug female can become an infestation of over 13,000 in just 6 months! Not only do Bed Bugs multiply rapidly, but they can also live anywhere like:

  • Hotels and motels
  • Offices
  • Movie theaters
  • Cars
  • Buses, planes and trains
  • Cruise ships
  • Schools
  • College dorms
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hospitals and Doctor’s offices
  • Nursing homes
  • And more!

There are a lot of franchises on the market. What makes BedBug Chasers Bed Bug Removal different from the rest?

Let’s start with the top 8 differences that are sure to make BedBug Chasers the Best Franchise Business 2016!

BedBug Chasers are “Heat Specialists,” not Pest Control Technicians...

Because BedBug Chasers uses convective electric heat instead of chemicals or fumigation, you will be a “ Heat Specialist” , not a Pest Control technician. As such, you do not have to be a
pest control professional to operate this franchise but first check your Local & State Regulaions.

GREEN solutions to a growing epidemic...

Arizona Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Cruise Lines—the list goes on. Every day, more customers are searching for a chemical free, non-toxic solution to their Bed Bug removal problems. BedBug Chasers provides that solution for customers who want results, but not the dangers associated with chemicals, fumigation or propane heaters.

The most effective equipment in the industry...

Pumping out over 68,000 BTU’s of safe convective electric heat and weighing a mere 72 pounds, the BedBug Chasers proprietary heater was tested and chosen by numerous PCOs as the best Heat Remediation equipment in the industry for Bed Bug removal.

The competition’s heaters are more expensive, less efficient, and much larger than the BedBug Chaser. Every part of the BedBug Chasers proprietary heater is built and tested in the U.S.A. by a global market leader with 55 years’ experience making heating products.

Exclusive Franchisee Nationwide Rental Network.

To get your business started, and to handle the largest service jobs, franchisees can rent additional heaters, generators, and equipment from our affiliated nationwide rental network. With access to a fleet of heaters, generators and equipment, no Bed Bug removal job is too big for BedBug Chasers!

No expensive in vehicle graphics or signage.

Your Privacy is the paramount to us so when we provide our services to a Residential, Commercial or Institutional customers, discretion is important. So, we do not require you to purchase BedBug Chaser uniforms, vehicle graphics or expensive signage to show the world who you are. This lowers your costs and protects our customers’ privacy.

Small start-up.

Your business can start as a home-based operation, most do. Our Franchise Rental Network can supplement the necessary equipment you need for larger jobs. As your business grows, you may opt to purchase additional heaters and generators.

Protected Territory in Arizona.

Why compete against other BedBug Chasers franchises? We want you to succeed. When you join the BedBug Chasers system, you will enjoy a protected territory. This means that no other BedBug Chasers franchises will operate within your area. Any inquiries from within your territory will be referred directly to you.

Potential for Multiple Revenue Opportunities...

Owning our BedBug Chasers proprietary equipment enables you to utilize them in many different fields and situations. The potential from this added revenue is enormous.

Call BedBug Chasers Today 855-241-6435 to see if Franchises are available in Arizona and help make us the Best Franchise Business 2016!

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