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Most Recent Yonkers Bed Bug Reports!

Latest Bed Bug Reports in Yonkers NY!

Have you heard of bed bugs problems in Yonkers, New York? Do you have bed bugs in your Yonkers apartment, condo or home? The bed bug epidemic in Yonkers is growing steadily with bed bug reports in Yonkers hotels, motels, nursing homes, children daycares, schools, libraries, movie theaters and even in homes. If you think your Yonkers home is infested with bed bugs, then it’s time to call BedBug Chasers of NYC to help you!

Latest Bed Bug Reports in Yonkers, NY:

  • 2012-08-20 – YWCA Yonkers

87 South Broadway, Yonkers, NY – Room Number: 414 Bed Bugs in Yonkers NY

My room at the YWCA in Yonkers, NY is constantly riddled with bed bugs. Other residents have the same problem. When we complain to management we are told WE brought the beg bugs in. Never mind WE never leave the facility except to go to the market! The maintenance men come to the infected room and spray a water based solution that does absolutely nothing. Stay away. This is beg bug hell.

  • 2012-03-19 – Yonkers L-Line Bed Bug Problems

480 Riverdale Ave, Yonkers , New York – Room Number: all apartments in the L line

We have been treated and spent over $500 in laundry and we still have signs of bedbugs.

  • 2011-04-26 – Cortlandt Ridge formerly known as Claremont Garden

27 Claremont Gardens, Yonkers, NY – Room Number: Entire Complex

Apartments are infested with bedbugs and management barely wants to treat infested apartments and definitely will not treat every unit on the complex. This has been an ongoing issue for MONTHS

  • 2010-09-28 – Hampton Inn & Suites

160 Corporate Blvd., Yonkers, NY

Checked in on Sept. 21, 2010. Assigned to room 231. The property opened about a year ago. I checked the bed for any signs of soil, etc. and it appeared okay. I awoke at 2 AM and not able to sleep began reading my book and that is when I saw the small bug. I was able to catch it in a napkin and put it into a paper cup and went down to the front desk. The night clerk looked into the cup and immediately crumbled the cup and disposed of it in an outside container. I thought it should be secured for inspection by a professional. I then realized that there were bed bug problems in the past. I was given another room (338).

I requested to speak with the manager and was told he would be in by 7 AM. I was not contacted by the manager. I had to place a call for him and received his voice mail. My call was returned in a short time and the manager stated he had called the “professionals”. He stated he would have them check the room I was in and also have them look at the bites I had sustained. I was never looked at by the “professionals” nor was my room inspected by anyone except The manager who I had to “hunt up” after he returned my phone call because I wanted him to see me in person and see the bites I had sustained. I sustained bites in a number of areas on my body. Chest, neck, arm, foot, both hands.

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