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Latest Brooklyn Bed Bug Reports!

Most Recent Bed Bug Reports in Brooklyn, New York!

Do you have a bed bug problem in Brooklyn, NY? Have you seen bed bugs in Brooklyn apartments, hotels, motels, condos, nursing homes, daycares, schools, movie theaters or somewhere else? The BedBug Chasers of NYC is ready to assist you in combating the bed bug problems in Brooklyn, New York.

Latest Bed Bug Reports in Brooklyn, NY:

  • 2013-09-09 – Gart Property

2963 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY – Room Number: Apt 2R and Apt 3R

Bed Bugs are in the building. Landlord knows and hides information from the tenants. Invites some exterminators who spray your apartment for 15 min and say that you will see bed bugs for 2 more months before they all die out.

Bed Bugs in Brooklyn Bars & Apartments

  • 2013-07-15 – La Quinta IS Brooklyn Downtown

531 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY – Room Number: 308

I woke up and noticed three small bugs crawling across the blanket. I woke up my girlfriend and told her to get out of the bed. I called the front desk and told them I had lot of bites on me. They told me that they never had a bedbug problem but they would send maintenance. When the maintenance guy got there he laughed and said there’s no way that they can have bedbugs because they put covers around the mattress. He said he would further inspect the room when we left. (Yea right). When he left I inspected the bed myself and I found another one crawling on a pillow. I called the front desk and they sent maintenance again. He came in smiling and when I showed him he smashed the bug on the pillow and it was a blood mark. He finally admitted that the room had bed bugs. They refunded our money but I was let with 20 bites and counting.

  • 2012-09-30 – New York Marriott Brooklyn

333 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY – Room Number: 396

Bed bug found crawling in my bed sheets in room #396 on September 24, 2012. I killed it and called in the manager. The hotel called in an independent company that comes in and inspected the room and I was told that YES, it WAS confirmed to be a bed bug.

  • 2012-07-31 – Americas Best Value Inn

1705 Linden Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY – Room Number: 409

I woke up to red spots all over from my waist to mid thigh

  • 2012-05-01 – Fairfield Inn

181 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY

March-2012 Although this hotel is clean and great deal for the buck…the neighborhood itself seems to have many issues with bed bugs. Confirmed bed bug found on bed (under comforter) Hotel apologized for inconvenience, reported that they closed the room, and called pest control co. I immediately changed hotels. By the way, this was after already changing rooms due to a cockroach (confirmed by staff) crawling out from under picture frame on wall. Tried saying that they have never had an issue before & that I could have brought it with me! I do know of one other report from January at this location.

  • 2011-06-23 – Imperial Hotel

2550 East New York Ave, Brooklyn, NY – Room Number: 307

My boyfriend and I decided to check in to a hotel and couldn’t get into quality inn since it was full so we decided to go to Imperial Hotel. After about an hour and a half staying at this hotel my boyfriend noticed a round bug on my back. He told me not to move and he swiped the bug off my back. We immediately called the desk and someone came to check about our issue. The worker there clearly confirmed that it was a bed bug after finding it on the floor, but when we went downstairs to complain to the manager saying that we wanted our money back the worker who confirmed that the bug was a bed bug denied that he saw it. SMFH I would never go there again!!!!!

  • 2011-02-21 – Royal Oak Bar

Union & Richardson, Hipsterville, Brooklyn, NY

My friend had her birthday party there last night and at about 2am I started feeling itchy. I scratched my leg and knocked off a bug. I couldn’t see it because it’s so dark in there, but I jumped up. There were two bites on my leg. My friend the birthday girl found three Ina row on her arm! We were drunk, but having bedbugs crawling all over sobered us up. I tried to tell the barback, but he just shrugged. We left immediately. I got undressed in my bathtub and sealed everything I was wearing in a trash bag. Then I took a very long hot shower. I’m not sure what to do with my clothes. So disgusting.

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