BedBug Chasers of New Jersey

Eliminating Bed Bugs, Creating Peace of Mind


BedBug Chasers Means Minimal Preparation

I’m not sure it’s possible to express how thankful we are for you and your team.  Discovered that bedbugs have invaded, via guests or a trip to a hotel…it’s enough to make you want to burn the place down and start over.  We had “other” pest control companies come out before I found you. Your empathy, clarity and direct approach to solving the problem was far and away better than others.  There was no question once we met you that we trusted you would get our house pest free and ready for a good nights sleep.  And that you did!  With much less preparation that all those other companies told us was needed – with no chemicals – and no crazy moving furniture, you rid of us all the bedbugs in one single day!  And since that day our life has gone right back to normal.  Thank you so so so very much!


No Chemicals Around My Baby!

My family was terrified to find bed bugs in the house especially with a baby.  Just like any parent would do, I quickly started looking for a solution that would be safe and effective. Most people are familiar with the chemical treatment and may favor it’s price, however the heat treatment is the best solution to eradicate bedbugs.  Not only is it safe but it’s very effective in a lot of the areas of the house where spraying with chemical is not possible.  Other positives, you don’t have to throw out the furniture and there’s very little preparation!  My family and I are bed bugs free thanks to BedBug Chasers.  BedBug Chasers is the professional service you want! I’m so pleased with their service from top to bottom and recommend them to everyone.


BedBug Chasers = No Laundry

BedBug Chasers to the rescue! And what a pleasure to work with! A class act through and through! They were patient and answered my numerous, panic-ridden calls with kindness and the crew that showed up to the house the morning of the treatment were equally professional and efficient! Mind you, it’s an all day process if you consider the time it takes for your house to cool afterwards and you have to remove anything that can possibly melt. But the work you have to do and the potential cost savings is minimal compared to other types of treatments with all things considered. Plus, with a baby in the house I didn’t want chemical treatments over a span of what could have been months nor did I have the energy to launder everything each time thereafter. The heat treatment got rid of the bugs in one day and I didn’t have to do a single load of laundry! It’s been months and not a trace of a bedbug and not one bite! If you’re going with the heat treatment, there’s no better company to work! I highly recommend BedBug Chasers!

Hope you are well! You were truly a pleasure to work with!

Good luck with everything!


Bed Bugs From My Vacation

I had a wonderful experience with Bed Bug Chasers after returning from my vacation in Florida. Much better than using chemicals and removing my personal belongings for cleaning. I came home from work and everything was finished and my house felt clean. Very well worth the cost and less stress and work for me.

Thank you so much and best of luck!


Bed Bugs Changed My Life

So far the worst day of my life was when we realized we had bedbugs.  Immediately I panicked and started to freak out. Thank goodness when we looked up how to get rid of bedbugs on the Internet your company came up. When I called you it was late in the evening. I was very emotional on the phone and you were so understanding, you took your time to listen to me. We scheduled a time for you to come out and you explained what steps to take until you would be there. You also referred us to a bedbug sniffing dog so we could pin point what rooms the bedbugs were in. We found out we only had bedbugs in a few spots but we decided to have the whole house treated. The day you came out you explained very thoroughly what was going to be done. When we arrived home later that day I felt so relieved. You walked us room to room showing us what you did and how the treatment was effective. I couldn’t believe how hot it was in the house and that you and your guys spent the day moving things around to make sure this worked and that you got them all. You and your crew were wonderful. Very professional and understanding. Thank you so much for taking care of us.



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