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Have you stayed at a bed bug infested hotel or motel in Wildwood, New Jersey? If so, the BedBug Chasers team recommends that you have your home tested and treated for bed bugs. If you are planning on visiting Wildwood, then you should keep reading to see which Wildwood hotels and motels have bed bug infestations.

Latest Bed Bug Reports in Wildwood, NJ.

  •  2012-09-04 – Esplanade Suites

230 E. Taylor Avenue, Wildwood, NJ – Room Number: 302

We left early when we discovered blood stains on our bed sheets. A few days later my husband broke out with bumps on his hands arms feet and back. My 3 year old son also broke out. I took him to the doctors and he did state that they were bed bug bites. We also had to call an exterminator to make sure we were free from bed bugs in our home.

  • 2012-07-16 – Seashell Motel 

250 E.Rio Grande Avenue, Wildwood , NJ

we arrived on 06/26/2012 the room was filthy, refridgerator did not work. Requested cleaning lady sweep and mop floors.The next morning found blood on sheet, stripped the bed and captured a BEDBUG! also,found large hole in box spring and old blood stains on pillow under case. We called NJ Inspector gave him the BUG! got our money back,and got the HELL OUT OF THERE!

  • 2012-06-15 – Seafoam Motel

4110 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood, NJ – Room Number: 11

My daughter and 3 of her friends stay here for two nights. The sheets and bedding appeared to never have been changed. Luckily, my daughter was smart and put all the motels bedding in a trash bag then covered the beds with plastic and her own bedding. She works at a bed and breakfast so she has very good knowledge of bed bugs and what they look like. THIS HOTEL HAS BED BUGS, STAY AWAY!

  • 2012-05-30 – Oceanic Hotel

4600 Ocean Avenue, Wildwood, NJ – Room Number: 325

I stayed with 6 people on memorial day weekend 2012 … Two people left the trip early because they felt uncomfrontable being there while the rest of us four stayed the trip just thinking we were getting bit by Mosquitos … We later checked the bed, and found some living in the hems … When we approached the hotel, the clerk was very knowledgable about them and gave us information on how to handle it and got us the owner of the place … When we spoke to him, he didn’t seem interested in our marks, photos, bites, and my one friends serious reaction (fully swollen hand) and only gave us back $90 of $700 … It’s costed us individually over $50 per person of cleaning clothes, pesticide prevention, and I don’t know the hospital cost yet for my buddy because he doesn’t have health insurance … Overall, this incident wasnt handled well with higher management … We were repeatedly told various times, “$90, it’s the best and only thing we can do” … I recommend staying away from this hotel

  • 2011-08-03 – Montego Bay

1800 & Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ – Room Number: 308

Was just there for a 10 day stay, have been booking vacations at Montego Bay for years, as well as staying for the Irish Festival, and never had a problem until the last night July 30th 2011. I awoke August 1st to find that i was a midnight snack for some uninvited guests to our room on the 3rd floor. We tore the bed apart & found 3 Bed Bugs scampering across the sheets. Killed one, capture another to take to the front desk as we had to check out by 10am & the other got away. Didn’t know to check as far down as the box spring or the head board until I did some research when I got back home. I carefully checked all my clothing as I packed to go home, and needless to say everything hit the washer & dryer even if I didn’t wear it. And at check out there was another guest at the front desk whose daughter was bitten the other night & when he went to the front desk to complain they sent someone up to change the sheets, so needless to say he was back again that morning because his daughter was bitten again. Since when does just changing the bed sheets take care of Bed Bugs?????? And the front desk acted like they had no clue , claimed they have never seen them before & I now find that there have been complaints back in 2010 for Bed Bugs.

  • 2011-07-20 – Esplanade Suites

230 E. Taylor Avenue, Wildwood, NJ – Room Number: 311

I stayed here and there was a bedbug on the bed and in the soap. They are denying it and pointed to there “Bed Bug” covering on the mattress. This is not helping.

  • 2011-05-18 – Quarterdeck Motel

320 East Pine Avenue, Wildwood, NJ – Room Number: 105, 102,103,106, AND 209

My son and several of his friends stayed at the Quarterdeck Motel after a prom. After they returned home and several of them had bites all over them. Some went to their doctors, the doctor stated that they were bed bug bites. BE CAREFUL OF THIS MOTEL

Source: http://www.bedbugreports.com/city/nj-wildwood

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