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#1 New Jersey Bed Bug Removal Services by BedBug Chasers. 

Do you think that you have a bed bug infestation? If you have any concern that you may have a bed bug infestation, you’ve come to the right place. Bed Bug Chasers serving New Jersey are professional bed bug heat specialists and can provide safe and effective bed bug removal services in your home to keep you and your family safe from bed bugs and their bites!

Do you have Bed Bugs in New Jersey?

If you wake up each morning with fresh, itchy, tiny bites on your body, there’s a decent chance that you have a bed bug infestation in New Jersey. That decent chance jumps to a good chance if you see tiny bugs or small black stains in your home on your bedding, furniture or mattress.

A bed bug infestation can continue and multiply quickly if not treated. Bed bugs are also resistant to many common chemicals that are used to treat other unwanted insects and flies, which makes them seemingly impossible to treat. This is why it’s so important to call Bed Bug Chasers for safe, fast and efficient bed bugs removal in New Jersey!

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How is Bed Bugs Removal in New Jersey done?

BedBug Chasers will exterminate 100% of bed bugs, quickly, thoroughly and safely. We at BedBug Chasers know that the effective way to kill bed bugs, their nymphs and eggs is heat, 122 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact.

Our Bed Bugs Removal Services in NJ are 100% chemical free, highly specialized electric heaters – the best solution and safe for your family.

Our Bed Bugs Removal Heaters in NJ Make the Difference.

Don’t be fooled and choose a method that won’t work, because not all heating methods are equal – other bed bug removal treatments raise the temperature slowly and unevenly which allows bed bugs time to escape to cooler areas like in your walls or mattresses. If the process is not done efficiently and correctly it can also cause damage to your home and belongings.

100% Guaranteed Bed Bug Removal Service in New Jersey!

It’s critical for a successful bed bugs removal treatment in New Jersey, that you heat your home quickly and evenly. Bed Bug Chasers analyzes the infested space, calculates your heating requirements and then we place our heaters and fans throughout your home.

After the treatment the temperature recordings are captured with our one-of-a-kind software and we prepare a comprehensive report describing the treatment, measures taken and a report including graphs of the temperatures reached along  and throughout the property.

At BedBug Chasers, our equipment makes all the difference – our heaters have been developed after much research, they’re portable, safe, electric, green, and specifically designed for indoor use.

If you are searching for safe, reliable and fast Bed Bug Removal Services in New Jersey, contact Bed Bug Chasers! Our Bed Bug Chasers professionals can have your home treated within one day and your bed bug infestation will be ceased! If you have questions or would like more information contact us today about your bed bugs removal services in New Jersey!

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