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Do You Have Bed Bugs Rogers, Connecticut?

Then you need a BedBug Chasers Bed Bug Treatment CT!!!

BedBug Chasers of Connecticut offers professional treatment for bed bugs in Rogers, CT! Our 100% guarantee in solving your bed bug problems in your Rogers, CT home, condo, apartment, hotel, nursing home, theater, or commercial building starts with our BedBug Chasers Dry Heat Method.

Our One & Done 100% guaranteed bed bug heat treatment in Rogers, CT will solve your bed bug problems in ONE Day with ONE Treatment!

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How Quickly Do Bed Bugs Spread in Rogers, CT?

In just 6 months, one pregnant female bed bug will create over 13,000 bed bugs in your home resulting in a drastic bed bug infestation in Rogers, CT. In under five years, bed bug infestations across the US & Canada have grown by 500%. The causes could be because of bed bugs' resistance to chemicals, inbreeding of bed bugs that are closely related to one another, and world travel. As rapidly as bed bugs reproduce and diffuse, and as resistant as they seemingly are to some methods that supposedly extinguish and annihilate bed bug infestations but don't, there is a simple solution that kills 100% of bed bugs, nymphs and eggs included. And yes, it's fast, efficient, and also 100% safe!

What's the Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs in Rogers, Connecticut?

Using our Rogers Connecticut bed bug heat treatment method, the BedBug Chasers team has the ability to treat your home in one-sitting, in one day with no need to return again for following treatments. As you may know, bed bugs cannot survive above 122 degrees fahrenheit so our heat system will penetrate the bed bug infested home, commercial building, apartment, condo, or hotel higher than this temperature. Once this is done, you can be confident your home or business will be bed bug free, and also free of any other insects you may have in your home!

Why Should You Hire the BedBug Chasers Team?

  • 100% Guaranteed that you will not have anymore bed bugs! All nymphs and eggs will be exterminated as well!
  • We treat Rogers homes up to 20,000 sq.ft.
  • We can treat high rise buildings in Rogers CT for bed bugs.
  • We are discrete with unmarked trucks and crew to ensure your neighbors do not know about your bed bug infestation in Rogers, Connecticut.
  • We are also fully insured and experienced in treating bed bugs with heat.
  • 90% of bed bugs sampled from 66 populations collected from 21 U.S. states were resistant to Pyrethroids, the most widely used group of chemicals to treat unwanted insects and flies. They're not resistant to our heat method!
  • The BedBug Chasers treatment is 100% Chemical Free! No toxic residues, mold will never be a result, and none of your belongings will be damaged!
  • Our Bed Bug Treatment is truly One And Done! No further treatment is required.

Why is a Bed Bug Heat Treatment Rogers, CT the Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs CT?

Heat penetrates every nook and cranny, there’s no dangerous chemicals or residue left behind, only one treatment is required versus other methods that make take up to 3 or more treatments, and if you have any other insects in your home, they will be exterminated as well! The BedBug Chasers Heat Method is by far the safest, most efficient and least costly method to killing bed bugs. Our BedBug Chasers heat method is so safe it is used on airplanes! By calling BedBug Chasers' to take care of your bed bug infestation, you will be guaranteeing yourself peace of mind and a peaceful night's sleep once again! Without a doubt, the bed bug heat treatment method in Rogers, CT is by far the best solution to remediate your bed bug problems and cease the infestation from spreading today!

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