Eliminating Bed Bugs, Creating Peace of Mind

So far the worst day of my life was when we realized we had bedbugs.  Immediately I panicked and started to freak out. Thank goodness when we looked up how to get rid of bedbugs on the Internet your company came up. When I called you it was late in the evening. I was very emotional on the phone and you were so understanding, you took your time to listen to me. We scheduled a time for you to come out and you explained what steps to take until you would be there. You also referred us to a bedbug sniffing dog so we could pin point what rooms the bedbugs were in. We found out we only had bedbugs in a few spots but we decided to have the whole house treated. The day you came out you explained very thoroughly what was going to be done. When we arrived home later that day I felt so relieved. You walked us room to room showing us what you did and how the treatment was effective. I couldn’t believe how hot it was in the house and that you and your guys spent the day moving things around to make sure this worked and that you got them all. You and your crew were wonderful. Very professional and understanding. Thank you so much for taking care of us.

Treat NOW and Pay Over Time!


We now offer Financing for Bed Bug Heat Treatments.