Eliminating Bed Bugs, Creating Peace of Mind

BedBug Chasers to the rescue! And what a pleasure to work with! A class act through and through! They were patient and answered my numerous, panic-ridden calls with kindness and the crew that showed up to the house the morning of the treatment were equally professional and efficient! Mind you, it’s an all day process if you consider the time it takes for your house to cool afterwards and you have to remove anything that can possibly melt. But the work you have to do and the potential cost savings is minimal compared to other types of treatments with all things considered. Plus, with a baby in the house I didn’t want chemical treatments over a span of what could have been months nor did I have the energy to launder everything each time thereafter. The heat treatment got rid of the bugs in one day and I didn’t have to do a single load of laundry! It’s been months and not a trace of a bedbug and not one bite! If you’re going with the heat treatment, there’s no better company to work! I highly recommend BedBug Chasers!

Hope you are well! You were truly a pleasure to work with!

Good luck with everything!

Treat NOW and Pay Over Time!


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