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5/8/2013 – Bed Bugs found in 2 Trenton NJ Schools they Need The Bed Bug Exterminator’s Exterminator

 Latest Bed Bugs News in Trenton NJ: Two Trenton Schools with Bed Bugs 5/8/2013 – they Need The Bed Bug Exterminator’s Exterminator!

The Trenton Central High School and the P.J. Hill Elementary School in Trenton were recently discovered to have bed bugs when family members discovered them on their children. If you think your Trenton NJ area home is infected from Bed Bugs that your child brought home from one of these Trenton schools, please call us immediately at 855-241-6435.

For those that didn’t know, the bed bug epidemic is a constant growing problem nationwide and can easily spread among a handful of people using the same public places (schools, theaters, restaurants, lounges, clubs, hotels, and more).  The best way is for businesses and schools to have the entire property heated with the Bed Bug Chasers heating system to ensure all bed bugs are removed and future problems are alleviated they are The Bed Bug Exterminator’s Exterminator!

Read more about the Bed Bugs problem in Mercer County Schools on NJ.com.

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  • No need to remove or wash your personal belongings
  • No dangerous chemicals will be used
  • The heat will successfully penetrate through all furniture
  • Heat will penetrate through your mattress and box springs
  • Heat will also kill any signs of other insect within your home
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