Eliminating Bed Bugs, Creating Peace of Mind

BedBug Chasers – “a Different Kind of Health Care Franchise”

We know you are going to have questions. Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions:

How does BedBug Chasers Franchising differ from other companies?

BedBug Chasers – a Different Kind of Health Care Franchise business uses a specialized accelerated electric convective heat process along with our proprietary equipment to create an environment that destroys all stages of bed bugs resulting in peace of mind and a hassle-free experience for customers. We like to think of BedBug Chasers as a different kind of Health Care Franchise where we eliminate the anxiety and physical trauma that comes from having had bed bugs. This is a mobile business offering service and maintenance programs to hotels, hospitals, military bases, airlines, train lines, theatres, property management companies, cruise lines, nursing homes, hostels, dormitories, homes or any other location where people stay for an extended period of time. A BedBug Chasers business can also provide subcontracting services to pest control companies.

Do I need an exterminator license?

There are no specific federal regulations affecting our business as we use heat treatment to kill bed bugs, not pesticides. However, some states and counties may require that you register with your states’s Department of Environmental Protection, or the applicable county agency that is responsible for regulating pesticides. We do not use any pesticides or chemicals of any kind and therefore we are not classified as a pest control business or health care franchise in many states.

Do you offer training to operate your equipment?

Yes. We provide an initial training program no later than 30 days before the date your business opens for operation, designed to assist you and your management staff in the operation of your Business, at no additional charge. The initial training program is designated for a maximum of three people.

How much is your franchise fee?

The Initial Franchise Fee for a single Franchise is $25,000 for a protected area. The protected area of a Franchise is determined once a location is identified and approved by us. The Initial Franchise Fee is payment, in part, for expenses incurred by us in furnishing assistance and services to you as set forth in the Franchise Agreement and for costs incurred by us, including general sales and marketing expenses, training, legal, accounting and other professional fees. The Franchise Fee also includes the development of a custom local affiliate website for your franchise housed within our national website, a web server for your website that will include access to franchise portals online for ongoing news bulletins and templates for print and advertising materials to support your business; a comprehensive training program including a Pre-Opening Manual, Operations Manual and our 5-day franchise training program at corporate headquarters.

How much are your royalty fees?

Royalty fees are 6% of monthly gross revenue.

Do I have to purchase your proprietary heaters and equipment?

It is not mandatory for you to purchase or maintain an inventory of our proprietary heaters to operate your Business, unless rental centers are not available in your area. However, it is very advantageous for you to own your own heaters. If you do not own any heaters, you will be renting our proprietary heaters in addition to commercial grade generators and other equipment from us and/or our approved vendors and suppliers, if available in your area.

Do I get a protected territory?

Yes. You are awarded a protected territory of a defined population as much as 500,000 persons which means it may be less than such amount. We reserve the right to grant a territory that is larger or smaller than the population area defined above, in order to account for more densely or sparely populated areas.

Can I purchase more than one franchise?

Yes. Also, if you purchase multiple franchises at the time you sign your Franchise Agreement each additional franchises can be purchased for a reduced price of $20,000 each.

Yes. Also, if you purchase multiple franchises at the time you sign your Franchise Agreement each additional franchises can be purchased for a reduced price of $20,000 each so call Today and see how “a Different Kind of Health Care Franchise” can make a change in Your Life as well!